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Birth Trauma


May 13, 2011

When Birth Is Trauma is an excellent guest post by Elizabeth Ford on the Australian website MidwifeThinking blog , which explores the issue of birth trauma, post partum depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Rather than birth trauma necessarily being associated with interventions or an ‘unrealistic’ expectation of childbirth, research is showing trauma can be linked to feelings of powerlessness, lack of control and autonomy, and being mistreated or ignored by caregivers.

Ford writes:

“Women don’t seem necessarily to be traumatised by the events of birth not happening as they expected, but may be affected when they do not receive the care they expect.”

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Birth trauma can be particularly difficult for women to experience and cope with in our society, when the emphasis is on the ‘outcome’ of birth (mother and baby alive and/or healthy) despite how significant the process and experience of childbirth is for a woman and her transition to motherhood.

There are many online forums, blogs and articles about birth trauma and women’s stories. Here is another great article that compares the trauma of a mid-air scare with birth trauma, and how society supports some traumatised people but silences others.


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