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prepared by the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies


Ecstatic Birth – Natures Hormonal Blueprint for Labour ~ Sarah Buckley MD ~  article

My Birth My Way ~ Australian website

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond ~ Australian website

Natural Birth – Giving Birth Without Intervention ~  article


Homebirth links and articles ~ Pregnancy Birth and Beyond website

Australian Homebirth Network ~ website

Homebirth UK ~ has extensive articles about all types of birth and women with different need


Active Birth in the Hospital ~ Talk Birth blog


Waterbirth International ~ website

Giving Birth In Water – The Benefits of Waterbirth ~ article

Waterbirths in hospital setting ~ RANZCOG doc.


About Hypnobirthing® ~ Australian webpage

Hypnobirthing – the Mongan Method – available from lending library


Cord-Clamping.Com ~ website with information on third stage of labour, the baby’s transition, delayed and physiological cord clamping

Leaving Well Alone: A Natural Approach to the Third Stage of labour ~ Sarah Buckley article

The Placenta: essential resuscitation equipment ~ Midwife Thinking blog

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

VBAC – Parent Information Sheet QLD

VBAC: making a mountain out of a molehill ~ Midwife Thinking blog

VBAC Facts ~ website

VBAC ~ MyBirth  Australian website

VBAC- On Whose Terms?


Cesarean Delivery on Maternal Request

ICAN website ~ International Cesarean Awareness Network

Caesarean Birth – Making Informed Choices ~

Women of Size and Cesarean Sections: Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Surgery

TWINS AND MULTIPLE BIRTH (link to new page)


Lotus Birth Campaign ~ website

Common Questions About Umbilical Non-Severance – Lotus Birth Q&A Resource


Childbirth Connection website

My Birth ~ Australian website with birth statistics


Preparing Your Birth Plan

Water Birth

Breech Birth

Baby’s Transition to Life Outside the Womb

Third Stage of Labour

Induction of Labour

Birth After Caesarean

Maternity Coalition Information Sheets on key maternity topics – full list of Information Sheets can be found here


Hospital birth

Hospital birth – mother active and upright with continual monitoring.  Video shows close up footage of mother giving birth on hands and knees, baby caught by midwives and cord clamped approximately one minute after birth. Immediate skin contact followed by breastfeeding.

The Natural Caesarean: a woman-centred technique

Women are involved and able to see their baby being born, the baby is extracted slowly to help expel liquid from lungs, cord remains intact to help baby transition and establish healthy blood volume, parents get to see the sex of their baby, monitoring of the mother is done to keep her arms and chest free for embracing and skin contact with her baby.

  1. Well I had a caesarean birth only 2 mhotns ago, and in a lot of ways, it was a natural caesarean, but I was most interested to read the article and approach taken by the medico’s, towards trying to make caesareans more gentle. I didn’t expect to be in that situation EVER and had never read up about it, considering this was my 5th birth after 2 homebirths and 2 easy hospital births,but I almost wish I’d read this article before, as for me the most traumatic bit was hearing Balthazar, and knowing he was out, and not being able to see or touch him. And about the only thing I feel bad for him about, was being yanked out by his leg and shocked into life.But apart from that, by all accounts my caesarean was almost natural! I was incredibly greatfull to have a team of respectful folk in surgery, who paved the way for me to have as little intervention as I could in the circumstances. And as soon as our placenta was out, they popped it in a plastic bag and handed him straight to me, no examinations or anything else inbetween him and me coming together again. He buried his head in my neck straight away, and shielded his eyes with his hands, and I haven’t really let him go since.After having an unexpected caesarean, my judgements about it have drastically changed, and I’d love to hear more of a dialoge about how to do caesarean’s better, if that is the way it has to be for a mother and child.


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