BIRTH STORY – Planned hospital water birth and physiological third stage
Jess gave birth to her second daughter Arya in water, supported by a known-midwife through the hospitals caseload midwifery program. Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Natural hospital birth – first time mother
This is a birth story of a first time mother that had a natural hospital birth, including natural ‘third stage’ of labour.
Penny developed her birth plan with Gifted Birth Support. Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY –  Doula support, water & epidural
Ashley gave birth to her second daughter in hospital, supported by her husband, doula (Gifted Birth Support) and hospital midwives. Ashley shares this experience in her own words along with some commentary from her doula. Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Birth Wishes & Story (with birth doula)
Amanda, mother of four living in Tasmania, wrote to me recently after I sent a ‘call out’ on Facebook about birth plans. She agreed to share her ‘birth choices’ and hospital birth experiences with Gifted Birth Support.
“I wrote this birth plan for my fourth birth. I had only written vague notes with my previous births & they hadn’t come out of my labour bag. This time I had multiple copies laminated & a copy with me at all times. Also for my fourth birth I hired a doula. I looked online & made a few email enquiries and found one who would take me on late in my  pregnancy and was able to accommodate my strict budget…” Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Planned Homebirth – avoid the rush to cut the cord
Liss, a first-time mother, decided to have a homebirth for her first baby. She and her partner had “decided early on that I didn’t need to do the “first (traumatic) birth in a hospital, learned better, second birth at home” route; I could learn from the women who went before me and just start at home!  I’m overjoyed that it went so well.”
Delayed cord clamping was an important aspect of birth for Liss, who discussed this when choosing a midwife to attend her birth. Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Unassisted homebirth in the UK
Olga from the UK shares her birth story of her second baby, Sylas Victor Naden born at home unassisted at 39+2.
“After having a traumatic first induced birth, I vowed to stay at home this time, to avoid any unnecessary interventions. I feel very strongly about the importance and beauty of natural birth and feel that women should be given their primal powers back in this important time…Consultant then confirmed that my pregnancy was indeed very low risk and was happy for me to go ahead with my homebirth plans…” Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Waiting for labour beyond 42 weeks
Sally gave birth to her first baby, Chrissy, at an estimated 42 weeks and 6 days gestation, declining an induction of labour that is routinely offered to women from 41 weeks. After some pressure from the hospital Sally did agree to book a ‘post-term’ induction but nature had other ideas! Sally and her husband are now expecting their second child and sibling for Chrissy. They are generously sharing the journey of their second baby with a student midwife and a student doula. Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Unplanned Homebirth
“Mum of 4″ wrote his birth story six months after her second baby was born, six years ago now. Because her first baby was a long, hard posterior birth the arrival of this baby catches mum by surprise! Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Positive forceps birth
This story of a positive hospital birth with forceps delivery was kindly shared with Gifted Birth Support by Kylie & Marley.
“…when they were putting in the trace the doctor thought he felt the fontanelle. He called another midwife to check & sure enough when checked she felt the baby’s eye. Bub’s was trying to come out face first & had also turned posterior, we think this may have happened when my waters broke. They immediately told me to stop pushing, as it was a danger to me and the baby, & started going through the options to get bub’s out…”
Read this birth story

BIRTH STORY – Premature Labour and Birth
This is a local mother’s story of reproductive difficulties, a threatened pregnancy and premature birth. Supported by her own mother, this woman experienced many scares and stressful events in her journey to become a mother to her beautiful little girl.
Mother and baby received medical care locally and in Melbourne for part of the pregnancy, the birth at 33 weeks and her daughter’s intensive care.
Read this birth story

  1. What a welcome wsitbee.Thank you for sharing with us. My own twins are 13 months old, and I had to fight just to be heard as to my preferences of a natural birth. I switched practices midway through my pregnancy because I was at a practice who would not allow me to be seen by the midwives once the pregnancy became high risk due to being multiples. The practice I switched to was more twin-friendly, but I was still not able to birth at home or in the birthing center. I had 3 previous vaginal births of larger babies (the smallest was just under 10 lbs, the largest was 12 lbs even) so I had no question that I could successfully birth my twins vaginally and drug-free, not to mention without other interventions! I was frustrated that many of my birth plans were being thrown out the window, but I was at least patronized enough to allow me to try to have a natural, vaginal birth. The pregnancy went so splendidly that the doctors never took me off my full time job, and at 36 weeks I chose to keep myself home so I could properly prepare for the birth. My labor began at 38weeks, on one of my older children’s birthdays, but my twins waited to be born just a few short hours after midnight, as I had hoped. Twin A, my 7lb8oz baby boy was born vaginally in the C’section room (as required) in 3 steady pushes, as the surgical staff waited to have their go at us. His brother followed 7 minutes later and greeted me after the first firm, but gentle push. He was my smallest baby at 6lbs 11oz, and the only one to still be coated in vernix at birth. I have a strong sense of frustration that the natural birth I had so eagerly hoped for was not supported by the medical options I had been aware of having, yet I was filled with several moments of deep pride: I felt a sense of pride as the surgeon looked on in what appeared to be awe, and remarked that he couldn’t believe that I had not been given an epidural or other pain medications because I was smiling and joking with my husband between contractions and pushes. I felt jubilation when, within moments of his brothers birth, the second twin turned head down and presented himself as ready, never giving the doctor a chance to put another damper on our birthday. I felt so empowered when I glanced up to see the surgical team exiting the room unneeded, just before 3am, and heard remarks about how I certainly didn’t LOOK like I just gave birth to twins. Needless to say, I was so glad to have been able to prove to the hospital staff that it COULD be done, and I was grateful for a physician who was willing to at least humor me. I didn’t tear, nor were any cuts made, I was stitch free, despite the surgical setting i was required to birth in.As I read the pages of your wsitbee, I am filled with a sense of loss, because I could have had such a beautiful story to tell, and yet I am filled with a sense of hope that perhaps I might have been able to be an example. I armed myself with the best knowledge I could find to support my preferences and choices, and I’m learning more still.I am expecting again, and while I am unsure at this time if I am carrying one ore more I am feeling more equipped to pursue the kind of birth I really want. We do have the perfect garden tub, after all!

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