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“I believe the day your baby is born is a profound and life-changing event. My goal is to support your journey and experience of childbirth, based on your definitions of safety, comfort and fulfillment.”

Kate is a certified birth doula, providing pregnancy and birth support for women in the Shepparton area.

As a doula, Kate has experience supporting mothers and couples with hospital birth, twin pregnancy and birth, physiological birthing and medically-assisted labours and birth. As a full-spectrum doula, Kate respects and supports women’s right to choose the right time, place, provider and birth for their babies.

As a mother of four, Kate has personal experience with birthing in hospital and at home. She also has experience and resources associated with full-term breastfeeding, tandem breastfeeding, safe bed-sharing, and baby wearing for women interested in these options.



“Kate was able to support me the way I needed, but hadn’t been able to get at routine midwife appointments. I hadn’t felt ‘cared’ about during my pregnancy until meeting Kate. Kate took the time to answer my never-ending questions and made me feel more at ease about going into labour and giving birth. We ended up having a very challenging posterior labour and Kate’s massage skills were put to well use! Kate’s support to both my partner and myself was priceless. We can’t imagine the journey without her.” – Diana F.

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