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Pregnancy Counselling – Goulburn Valley area 

All women are entitled to up to three Pregnancy Counselling sessions for each pregnancy (can be taken up to one year after the pregnancy, including following birth, miscarriage or termination). These sessions are to provide non directive support for any concerns the women may be experiencing related to her pregnancy.


– Pregnancy within one year of sessions, – Client has a Medicare Number, – GP referral (non specific – letter stating for Pregnancy Counselling made out to Pieta Shakes),


– Provided at the GV Minds Office, – Bulk Billed, – 40 minute session.

The following information has been provided by Pieta Shakes, local mental health nurse, new mother, and provider of important pregnancy counselling (bulk billed with GP referral) for women within 12 months of their pregnancy.

Feeling over the moon – and a little overwhelmed?!

Pregnancy and motherhood is such an amazingly, wonderful experience- from watching your belly grow, feeling your baby’s first kick, preparing the nursery, writing a birth plan right through to those expecting moments of heading to the hospital with the plan to bring home a baby! However, what those pregnancy, birth and baby books and phone app week by week’s may not let you know is that pregnancy and birth can be an emotional overload. The roller coaster of emotions and hormones required to grow and bring your baby into this world can easily send any expecting or new Mum into a world of anxieties and concerns.

As a new Mum I can recall reading many books and learning as much as possible about my baby’s development, only to end up with very unexpected twists and turns in my journey, finding myself often feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and isolated, not how I expected things to be. Just like other new Mum’s I often found myself blaming myself for twists and turns, for feeling inadequate and just not like the books suggest! However, with the right support I am able to reflect more realistically and enjoy each moment with my baby girl. My experience has only increased my interest in the field of perinatal mental health, and now that I am back to work I wish to support other Mums through this joyous and sometimes overwhelming time of pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood.

I am a credentialed mental health nurse, which basically means a registered nurse with post graduate qualifications and experience within the mental health field. I hold both adult mental health and child and adolescent mental health post graduate qualifications and am currently completing my Master of Nursing (Mental Health). I have also completed education regarding perinatal mental health nursing. This past experience all comes together now by providing me the opportunity to assist other women through the journey of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. As a registered Medicare provider I am able to provide Pregnancy Counselling to any woman who is currently pregnant or has had a pregnancy within the past 12 months of their sessions – this includes women who have delivered their baby, women who have experienced a loss or women who have had a termination of a pregnancy.

Pregnancy counselling is counselling offered around any concerns or issues the woman may have regarding her pregnancy, this may be non-directive counselling regarding decision making, providing information and support regarding pregnancy anxieties, birth anxieties, counselling following a traumatic birth (or unexpected change from the birthplan), assessing and assistance with baby blues/ post natal depression – basically anything to do with their pregnancy. Medicare entitles women up to 3 pregnancy counselling sessions with a mental health professional per pregnancy (again this could be up to 12 months after). In order to reduce barriers to accessing support I will be bulk billing all women (after all I know how money can be tight during this time!). That means NO cost for any woman referred by their GP. Of course, counselling can be provided at a cost if people so wish to skip the visit to the GP!

Appointments will be held at the GV Minds office – in The Shepparton Business Centre, 70 New Dookie Rd, Shepparton. I do plan to look into increasing options for home visits or appointments in other Goulburn Valley areas, such as Cobram, Echuca, Numurkah, however this will be a future venture, and there may be a cost associated with home visits (after all I have a baby to feed/clothe too!).

While 3 counselling sessions may not seem like enough it is a great start to feeling heard, clearing your head and walking away with information to arm yourself with steps to make your experience ever so more enjoyable and comfortable. If you do require further support I can guide you on the available local services and there may be other funded services under GV Minds of which you qualify for.

So, please don’t feel alone and certainly don’t feel inadequate if your experience isn’t matching up to the books and apps. Contact me today at GV Minds to arrange an appointment, or head to your GP for a referral letter made out to ‘Pieta Shakes’ for Pregnancy Counselling and feel supported. The first key to caring for your baby, is caring for yourself.

Happy and healthy 9 months and beautiful birth wishes for those expecting, and congratulations to those new Mums out there!

Pieta Shakes

Director – GV Minds
Credentialed Mental Health Nurse
More importantly – New Mum of a special beautiful 5 month old girl!

Operating out of the Shepparton Business Centre,
Suit 3, 70 New Dookie Rd, Shepparton  

m 0431 323 517
f   03 5835 6605 p
PO Box 440, Numurkah 3636

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